Server Information

  • Max Stats 65000
  • Max DL Command 65000
  • Server Season S4E2
  • Points Per Level 15/16/17
  • Server Exp 9999x
  • Server Drop Normal 80%
  • Server Zen Drop 20%

  • Total Accounts 342
  • Total Characters 554
  • Total Guilds 31
  • Game Masters 3
  • Players Online 6
  • Online Record 19
  • Active In 24Hours 0


Latest Server Update Is Out!

HI Players & Web Visitors!

We Have Updated Game With New & Cool Features Just For You.

There Is No Need For Sleepless Nights Just To Hunt Gemstones, With Our Latest Patch Gemstones Are Picked Up Automaticaly.

And PVP Garden Map Finaly Has Been Updated With Balanced PVP Classes.


More Monsters For Max Stats

HI Players & Web Visitors!

We Have Increased Monster Count Per Spot In All Maps,
This Means Faster Leveling And Max Stats For Your Characters!

ALSO Try To Get 500 Resets & Make a Grand Reset, The Reward Is 50.000 Mu Coins Per GR.

Have Fun!


GaionMu Server Information

Hello, We Welcome You To GaionMu


General Information

Server Season  -  S4Ep2

Server Type  -  Max Rate PVP/PK

Experience  -  9999x

Drop Rate - 100%

Max Level  -  400

Max Master Level  -  70

Points Per Level  -  15/16/17

Max Character Stats  -  65000



Extra Information


Multiple spots in each leveling map.

Working class skills on max stats.

Original Season 4 Items

Increased character HP from Vitality for longer fights.

Socket item limit is 3 slots per item

Quest items, boxes, class skills, class sets and weapons, event tickets, potions available in shops.

Remote warehouse access for vip players.

Chaos mix rate is 99% success

PVP Garden is only map with full class balance! ( COMING SOON )

In-Game reset command, write /reset once you LVL 400 reached.

Reseting limit is 500.. you can choose to grand reset or keep the resets with extra HP.

Character HP is being increased by 50 non-vip and 60-80 for vip in each reset you make.

Jewel success rate from 90% for non-vip and 99% for vip.

PCPoints Shop offers Jewels, Boxes, Spheres and Fenrir.





Server Events


Castle Siege event every week

Jewel Drop Event In Lorencia

Golden Archer Rena/Bless Collector - Collect 64 renas or jewel of bless & exchange for reward.

Online Lottery - You might be lucky to win lottery.

Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Crywolf, DevilSquare, Illusion Temple, Kanturu Maya, Raklion Boss - Jewel & PcPoint possible rewards.



Player Commands


/post /addstr  /addagi  /addvit  /addene  /addcmd /pkclear /ware /reset /guildwar /marry



Website Features


Grand Reset - Get 500 resets in order to make 1 GR

Exchange System - Allowing to exchange jewels & online hours into Mu Coins

Information Hide - Hides character item information from everyone.

VIP Buy - In-Game vip & website vip offers many extras for true VIP Players.

Friend Invite - Invite your friends by offering a special URL allowing you to recive reward for it.

Free Mu Coins - Vote for server every 12 hours to recive reward.


"Dont Stop Playing"


Gaion MuOnline Online

6 / 200

Top Characters

Name Lvl RR GR
AnPron 400 51 2
DuelMaster 400 1 2
MACTEP 400 121 1
4 MuKQKQ 400 80 1
5 KOTT 139 63 1

Top Guilds

Name Score Master
Cross 10 Naxwell
Outlaws 7 KloReL
MuGaion 4 DooM
4 Moldova 2 Nero
5 VietNam 1 DarkVN

Event Status

  • Status Of Fortress Not protected

  • Castle Owner Guild GaionMu
  • Castle Guild Master AdmiN
  • Next Siege 2018-07-14

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